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About Us?

Selva Travel Costa Rica is a full-service Tour Operator offering inbound tourism services. It emerged as a post-pandemic initiative to serve both international and domestic customers.

Selva Travel Costa Rica is synonymous with professionalism, reliability, a friendly service culture, and guaranteed satisfaction. It operates with dynamic operational procedures, an excellent product line, and creative sales policies, ensuring that its clients enjoy top-quality service.

Thanks to the extensive experience of its founders, Selva Travel Costa Rica offers a range of online tourism services. These are marketed through wholesalers at the international level, as well as nationally through other travel agencies within the country and abroad. Among the services offered are: one-day excursions (One Day Tours), half-day excursions, a tourist transport network, airport transfer services to and from international airports, private transportation to various parts of the country, hotel reservations in any hotel across the country through competitive agreements, circuit reservations, and more.

The priority for the Selva Travel Costa Rica team is customer service guarantee, creating unique and unforgettable experiences that allow us to ensure the agency's long-term success and growth.


"Provide the customer with unforgettable experiences, better service, variety, quality and value"

Our mission seeks that clients who hire Selva Travel feel our commitment to provide exceptional service that guarantees 100% satisfaction with the experience.
In our country.



"Give the best service to our clients to guarantee long-term relationships and growth"

With our vision, we seek to highlight the commitment to offer a unique, lasting and differentiated shopping experience over time.



  • Modesty

  • Service

  • Integrity

  • Respect

  • Efficiency and effectiveness

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